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What Constitutes a Workers’ Comp Case

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Workers’ compensation exists to provide a safety net for employees, ensuring they receive the medical and financial assistance they need. But what precisely constitutes a workers’ comp case? Essentially, it involves an injury or illness that arises from the workplace while employed. In other words, in order to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, the impairment must occur while the employee is performing some kind of work duty or other activity related to their job responsibilities. Examples include:

  • slipping and falling at the workplace
  • receiving a strain injury from the repeated movements of frequent work tasks
  • exposure to toxic substances on site

What Qualifies for Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation cases are not only for physical injuries, such as broken bones, cuts, burns, sprains, or strains. They can also encompass occupational diseases such as respiratory conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, hearing loss, and stress-related disorders. So long as you can tie the injury or illness back to the work you perform on the job, you have the potential to qualify for a workers’ comp case.

Not all injuries received at the workplace will automatically qualify for the benefits of workers’ compensation. Typically, you need to report the injury to your employer within a specified timeframe, and support the claim with medical documentation. A case could also be disqualified or reduced if the injury was the result of the employee’s own willful misconduct, or if under the influence while on the job.

Who Qualifies for Workers’ Compensation

It is worth noting that what constitutes a valid workers’ comp case may vary from state to state, as the specifics of workers’ compensation laws can differ. The definition of employee under workers’ compensation will also depend on state laws, and certain types of employees may be covered under programs tied to their industries. For example, the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) covers federal workers injured on railroad jobs.

The fundamental principles remain consistent across the country, however. By providing financial support for medical expenses and lost wages, workers’ compensation promotes safer work environments by 1) taking care of sick or injured employees, and 2) mitigating the risk of costly lawsuits for employers. Laws will generally describe the employee as someone who works within an organization for a set salary, and the employer as the one who dictates the work performed—as detailed in a contract between the two. In Utah, partnerships, limited liability companies, and independent contractors may be exempt from workers’ compensation coverage.

The Importance of Workers’ Comp Attorneys

All sorts of complications can arise throughout the workers’ compensation process. There may be disputes between employees, employers, and insurance carriers about the validity of claims and the extent of benefits owed. An attorney with experience specifically in the field of workers’ comp law can give you the legal guidance you need. By understanding what constitutes a workers’ comp case, Rose Legal ensures workers who suffer from harm while on the job will receive the medical and wage-loss benefits they are entitled to within the workers’ compensation system.

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My adjuster had denied my workers’ compensation claim for my on the job injury. I was not able to return to work and didn’t know where to turn. I was recommended to Tim Rose at Rose Legal and he took care of my...

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I had talked with several other attorneys before I found Tim Rose. Tim was able to explain the law to me in a way that the other attorneys failed. I now understood what needed to be done to help move my claim...

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We can't thank you enough for all you have done for us on our workers’ compensation claim. We'll never forget your kindness and dedication. It was such a positive experience for us. You were absolutely great!!!

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